Significant Science Stops 2: The Maryland Science Center

This is a great place for a family to teach little kids about how the world works around them. They have everything from dinosaurs, to electro-magneticism, to health, to physics, to space, and teach it to kids in a fun way. A kid can understand the true stature of a dinosaur when they’re underneath its fossils and see how the mystery of the cosmos in a planetarium.



Discovering Fossils

A Young Paleontologist

Every program is interactive in a different way for kids to not just understand, but engage with science. I was able to visit the Maryland Science Center as a kid and it helped develop my passion in astronomy.

Black Hole

The Black Hole

Oh and parents, when you need a break from running through exhibits, there is also an IMAX theater. I encourage families to take a trip to this fun museum and turn their kids into little Einsteins.

*All pictures are from The Maryland Science Center,

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